Shogakukan’s CoroCoro Comic magazine has just launched a brand new “Animated Manga” for Nintendo’s hit shooter, Splatoon. It’s kinda like a normal manga, but with animations, voices, and sound effects. It follows the Blue Team as they fight against their first round opponent, the Yellow-Green Team.

The animated manga series will be following the Blue Team, which consists of Goggle-kun, Knit Cap-chan, Megane-kun and Headphone-chan. However, their first opponent is tough, as it includes their ace and leader, Rider. Yeah, things got real when Rider pulled off that Special Weapon Tornado of his. But then again, the Blue Team makes a solid comeback after Goggle-kun pulls down Rider’s pants… again.

I guess team work really beats individual skill, as Rider is an S-Rank player but didn’t like joining teams or doing teamwork. As for the game the animated manga is based on, Splatoon 2 is now out for the Nintendo Switch.

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Source: Siliconera


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