During the Hakusensha Sokujitsu Debut Manga Shou awards event, Berserk mangaka and hiatus king, Kentarou Miura took to the stage to talk to aspiring mangaka about where to start their work. The event, which gathers various Hakusensha manga editors to judge and critique newcomers, also serves to reward new mangaka who did well. Miura’s speech was the first of its kind.

He addressed the new up and coming mangaka in attendance and told them “Projecting your own personal relationships into a work is important. Because something that really happened is strong, it has persuasive power.”

He then said that otaku think their lives are unimportant and boring, so they mostly cope with that through manga. He then admitted that the Band of the Hawk from the Berserk manga is based on his own relationships, particularly, his High School friendships.

“But if you think you’re going to eat through manga, you have to bring in the reality that you want to cut loose. As far as my real personal experience, the story of the Band of the Hawk is based on a high school friend relationship I had.”

The mangaka/[email protected] fanboy also various ways to think about ideas for manga. He discussed developing extreme character traits to make characters stand out a bit more, such as the religious fanatic and villain, Mozgus. Because he’s a religious fanatic, Mozgus’s character has no flexibility. Miura also suggested that mangaka should make a character’s appearance before delving deeper into their characterization.

Finally, Miura talked about making the manga’s story. He started this talk by talking about what’s called the mold. “There’s something called a ‘mold’ in the world of manga. What’s excellent is recycled over and over.” He said that as an example, a “captain-type” story where a main character who is an expert in a certain area is asked to join a pitiful club that is on the verge of being disbanded. He also said “Characters grow and develop as they deal with personal trauma through club activities” and even cited Girls und Panzer and Saki as good examples. He says that by using the concept of molds, mangaka can further develop their stories. This is especially useful for people starting out.

As for Miura, he’s still on hiatus for Berserk. There’s still no word when he’ll be back, but we do know there’s a new [email protected] game announced, so maybe the hiatus might last longer. The mangaka has been infamous for his long hiatuses, particularly whenever there’s a new [email protected] game released.

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Source: Comic Natalie via ANN


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