After all those memes, promises, and heartbreaks, A Certain Magical Index is finally having its long-awaited second season. The Animax talk show, Anime Culture Club, will be hosting A Certain Magical Index producer, Kohei Kawase, and A Certain Magical Index light novel editor, Kazuma Miki, as guests for the show’s October 1 episode. There, the anime’s official website briefly listed that Index will indeed have season 3. The Season 3 announcement has now been taken down.

This new season announcement came 6 years after the second season last aired, and it certainly kept fans at a vigil waiting for this very moment. The website also talked about why Season 3 took so long, as it said that it may have come from the animation production side of things.

Miki has been teasing Season 3 for a while now. He previously asked fans to wait “a little longer” for Season 3 to be announced. He told fans to “please wait a little longer for season 3!” Though he did not specify which anime it is, many fans already know what series he’s talking about. Miki also serves as a producer for the various anime for the A Certain series. The editor and anime producer previously talked about season 3 on twitter, telling fans in an unofficial statement that season 3 is “plausible”.

The season 3 of A Certain Magical Index has been demanded by fans for a long time now, and it has even become a meme in several anime circles. As for the light novels themselves, the original series has already ended with the World War III arc, and creator Kazuma Kamachi is currently writing the A Certain Magical Index: New Testament line of light novels.

Source: Yaraon!


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