Looks like talking about something on social media did wonders for The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. mangaka, Shuuichi Asou. He recently claimed on a few deleted tweets that he never got any royalties from the TV anime adaptation of his work. This recently got people talking about mangaka and other creators not getting enough compensation from the anime industry. However, as Asou has revealed, him not getting paid was all thanks to a huge misunderstanding.

In a tweet, the mangaka declared that the person in charge of his anime adaptation told him that he does receive money. He then said that he deleted his former tweet claiming that he’s not getting royalties after that person informed him otherwise.


Many observers believe that this is all caused by a lack of communication between Asou and the anime’s distributors. Mangaka like Asou are always rather busy, and don’t even have time to pay attention to their franchises’ business side.

However, it seems that this still comes rather late, and right after Asou posted something on twitter. Asou’s manga received a net anime back in 2013, and then a TV anime in 2016. Many have said that him not getting his royalties for a long time still raises eyebrows.

Through the years, several other mangaka have claimed that they are not getting paid for the anime adaptations of their works either. And while many now see that this may all be a misunderstanding like Asou’s case, it has people talking and wanting mangaka to get better treatment from the industry.

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