If you’re a student trying to learn animation in Japan and seeking work there, the country may be easing its laws a little bit. The recent Cool Japan Human Resources Development Study Meeting made a few recommendations , and that includes the loosening of residency regulations for foreign students in vocational training to find work in Japan. And yes, that includes would-be animators.

The fields included in the recommendation also include fashion and cooking. Currently, foreign vocational school students can establish residency and can also work immediately. These include those high-level creative positions as well. However, with the current residency laws, establishing residency is very hard. Newly proposed regulations aim at changing that.

The meeting proposed allowing foreign students a 1-2-year training period to help establish that residency. However, they must still work on some mid to entry-level jobs as they work towards getting that residency. Can’t make it too easy, right? The proposals aim to get the human resources to further develop the above-mentioned industries.

So yeah, work on your Japanese and your drawing skills, and maybe you can study in Japan. But remember though, this is just a chance to get into the industry and work there. And even if you do land a job, remember that the life of an animator in Japan is tough, as they are notoriously overworked and severely underpaid.

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Source: Yahoo News Japan


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