Before there were iPods, CDs, and file sharing, there were cassette tapes, and as a 90’s kid myself, I do remember them. But now, it seems that a marvel of today’s music, the virtual dive herself, is doing a bit of 90’s retro. That’s right, Hatsune Miku now has her own cassette tape titled MIKU’S TAPE -10th- Anniversary Edition Cassette Player Set.

Miku was actually chosen as the ambassador for the annual “Cassette Store Day Japan”. It originated back in the UK in 2013 in dedication of the classic cassette tape. MONQ provided the illustration for the visual, which looks like a 90’s throwback with Miku sporting 90’s street fashion and a portable player.

Aside from the standard cassette tape, there’s also the “MIKU’S TAPE -10th- Anniversary Edition Cassette Player Set”. Both editions will be released on October 14 and will each come with 10 songs. The standard edition costs 2,500 yen, while the cassette player set, which comes with its own portable cassette player, costs 8,500 yen.

The setlist includes:

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Source: Mikufan


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