Sometimes, hiatuses remind us that mangaka are human too. And this time, the latest mangaka to go on hiatus is My Hero Academia’s Kouhei Horikoshi. The mangaka wasn’t able to publish a new chapter for the manga because of sudden illness. This means that there won’t be any new My Hero Academia chapter this week.

This would be the Horikoshi’s second hiatus due to illness this year, with the first one occurring back in June. Weekly Shounen Jump! magazine, which serializes the series, failed to make the announcement last week, so they were only able to reveal that there’s no new chapter on the week of hiatus itself.

Mangaka would often push themselves too hard in order to make deadlines, and sometimes, that causes them to get sick. Hopefully, this hiatus would really be only for a week. Don’t worry folks, this ain’t Hunter x Hunter, nor is it Berserk…

Get well soon Kouhei Horihoshi!

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Source: ANN


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