Anime director, Tatsuki, has done a lot for the Kemono Friends franchise. He raised it from a cancelled mobile game by Nexon to one of 2017’s biggest runaway hits. However, his achievements don’t seem to be enough, as the director has tweeted that he’s no longer with the Kemono Friends anime project.


Tatsuki revealed that a notification from the anime’s publishing and production company, Kadokawa, said that he’s not working for the anime project anymore. The director then apologized to fans everywhere for his sudden departure from the series, and revealed that he was very disappointed. Since his tweet, the director gained an outpouring of support from fans all over the world.

And as Kemono Friends is 2017’s anime darling, the magical place known as the internet didn’t let this pass by. Fans outside of Japan quickly jumped to social media and internet forums such as Reddit and 4chan isn’t “Tanoshi” at all, in reference to one of the characters’ catchphrases. Fans even started an online petition via addressed to Kadokawa and asked them to bring Tatsuki back at the helm of the Kemono Friends anime project. The online petition has 30,280 supporters as of writing.

Needless to say, Kadokawa is receiving plenty of backlash for the director’s apparent firing. And the fact that his firing also trended #1 on twitter worldwide and overshadowing the big A Certain Magical Index Season 3 leak doesn’t quite help at all.

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