The removal of Kemono Friends anime director, Tatsuki, from the project has become huge news in the anime world, as support for the embattled director has gained much strength, and even trended #1 in twitter. Fans have shown much support for Tatsuki, and they even started an online petition via addressed to Kadokawa.

Kadokawa, which publishes the Kemono Friends anime, has received much criticism. Now, the anime’s official website has released a statement on the issue, and it has some implications on the upcoming Kemono Friends movie:

Regarding Kemono Friends, we already had the privilege of announcing a new screen project, but since then, we have been considering whether to keep using the same production system or implement a new system for a new depiction. As of now, nothing has been decided yet. With this in mind, we prioritized the same production system used in the television anime that aired from January to March this year, and adjusted it to meet viewer expectations. However, we received word from animation studio Yaoyorozu of their intent to pull out this past August, so we currently have to start from square one on a production system.
Kemono Friends begins with a philosophy of animals first, and through the input of many people it has spawned games, manga, anime, and stage plays. The doors are wide open, and with the help of people who believe in the philosophy we want to spread Kemono Friends around the world. As such, it is not a project that belongs to any one person, and so for the sake of the animals Kemono Friends resumed activity again.

However, there are works that Yaoyorozu, the studio that handled production, used without contacting or sharing information through the appropriate channels. In order to keep the next project going, we proposed to normalize sharing information in advance, but Yaoyorozu could not accept these conditions and declined.

In part due to the conditions above, the Kemono Friends screen project will be delayed, but from here on out we will collaborate with everyone who is working on the project to protect the work and its fans, and to carry on the mission of learning more about animals. We will update as soon as possible with information about the screen project.

Please enjoy upcoming Kemono Friends projects.

As the statement says, there was some communications issues between Kadokawa and Yaoyorozu, the animation studio which handles Kemono Friends. This means that this doesn’t just affect Tatsuki, but the rest of Yaoyorozu studio. And because of all this, the upcoming Kemono Friends movie has been delayed.

The incident has become so huge that the very president of Kadokawa’s parent company, Kadokawa Dwango, stepped in and talked about the incident. He said that he is personally “WORRIED” about the whole situation, and says he recognizes Tatsuki’s efforts in making Kemono Friends a huge success.

However, he did admit that he doesn’t have a full grasp of the entire situation, but did admit that both Kadokawa and Dwango are holding discussions on the matter. Kadokawa Dwango is also the parent company of Niwango, which of course runs Nico Nico, the Japanese streaming site where Kemono Friends gained much of its success.

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Sources: ANN and 0takomu



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