The transformation sequence of the new Life-size Unicorn Gundam has made many fans wonder how the statue will be able to pull it off. Now, two new videos from @yoshi115t, who has been chronicling the work progress on the Unicorn since day one, have shed the light on this mystery. The first video tests the movable plates which aid in the Unicorn’s transformation from Unicorn mode to Destroy Mode, while the second tests out the lighting of the psycho-frame.

Aside from the testing videos, the twitter page also posted images from the tests. It shows that the Unicorn doesn’t just show the usual pink or green lights in its psycho-frame, but also white. The images also show that the backpack itself also lights up along the boosters.

Weighing in at approximately 49 tons and having a height of 19.7m, this new life-size Unicorn Gundam is certainly bigger than its 18m predecessor, the RX-78-2 Gundam. It boasts over 50 movable panels and parts to aid in that transformation. Called the “Unicorn Gundam TWC ver.” (Tokyo Waterfront City version), this life-size Gundam will be making its debut in Odaiba on September 24, 2017.

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