Film piracy is a HUGE PROBLEM here in Southeast Asia, as cinema ticket sales suffer thanks to people recording movies inside a cinema and then uploading it via the internet. Previously, Singaporean distributor, Odex, got in trouble with the Japanese companies when moviegoers from Singapore and Malaysia recorded parts of the Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale movie while in the theaters and then uploaded it. Now, it seems that the incident has happened again in Malaysia, as Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) posted on Facebook about another incident, this time involving the new No Game No Life Zero movie.

In their post, the cinema chain stated:

#GSCAdmin very stress you know. 😖 Because got somebody go and record the movie and share it on social media again. 😡Aiyoh please lah nothing better to do ah?

This breached of trust between Odex/GSC Movies/GSCinemas and Japan copyright are being greatly threatened. Please help us protect these benefits, so that it won’t be revoked and we will all be left with no anime releases in Malaysia cinemas.

Please raise your voice and alert the cinema manager if you spot suspicious activities during the movies. Please know that we appreciate that you took your time off to inform us, if you see any leaks online. Thank you for your cooperation.

Again, #PleaseDontRecordLah aiyohhhh

This won’t be the first time they posted this, as they also warned moviegoers for recording Kuroko’s Basketball: Last Game. This incident threatens Malaysian cinemas of being blacklisted for moviegoers pirating anime movies. In other words, Japanese companies won’t show anime movies in Malaysia because of incidents like this.

Film piracy is a huge problem in the entire South East Asian region, and hopefully, this incident won’t lead to any more repercussions for anime fans in our region.

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