Remember Ellen Baker, AKA Ellen-sensei? She’s still pretty popular it seems, and she’s still helping Japanese learn how to speak English. And now, it looks like she’s getting her own line of 2018 calendars! And of course, in those calendars, she’s still trying to teach the Japanese to speak English properly.

There are three different styles of calendar for her fans to choose from. The first one is the LP-size calendar, which costs 1,620 yen. Each month of the calendar teaches a different English phrase, as well as providing cultural trivia about English-speaking countries.

Meanwhile, the second style is the B-3 size calendar, which costs 1,600 yen. It’s like the LP-size calendar, however, each day of the year contains useful English vocabulary words.

Finally, there’s the A-5 size Ellen Baker calendar, which costs 1,296 yen. It provides an illustrated list of English vocabulary words which Japanese students can practice on.

Japanese stationery brand, Eight Station, is now selling these Ellen Baker calendars in their online shop. They will also be selling it in Amazon Japan, and its release date will be on January 2018.

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