Japanese animation studio, CoMix Wave Films, has gained much acclaim for their beautiful animations and anime films. This of course, includes Makoto Shinkai’s hit movie, your name. The studio recently made a new tourism ad anime, but it ain’t for Japan or any Japanese city… it’s for Canada.

From the beautiful Canadian Rockies to the bustling metropolis of Vancouver and Toronto, the new ad highlighted the beauty of Canada thanks to CoMix Wave Films’s signature animation style. Remember folks, this is the same studio behind your name. And yes, I’ve been to Canada during Winter and it’s really that cold up north, though the video calls the country a “warm” destination for Winter.

Yeah, just imagine this same anime studio doing a commercial for your country… I wonder how they’ll do one for Singapore? Or Philippines? or Malaysia? or Indonesia? or Thailand? For one thing, we know our countries won’t be as cold.

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