Gintama is getting itself a brand new game project which was tentatively called Gintama Project Last Game. But now, its official title has been finally revealed, and it is Gintama Ranbu. According to a magazine scan, it will be “samurai melee action” sort of game.

The scan also confirms the addition of Shinpachi and Kagura as playable characters. Shinpachi uses both sword-based and non-sword-based attacks, while Kagura can perform aerial attacks with her umbrella, as well as make use of that brute strength of hers effectively with her kicks.

The scan also reveals two locations for the game, and they are the Kabuki District and the Shinsengumi office. It also features Gintoki’s Shiroyasha outfit.

Gintama Ranbu is the first full-scale action game project for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita software. It will also be released right here in Southeast Asia as well. More details about the gameplay will be released in due time.

More details on this Southeast Asian PS4 release will be revealed in the future, so stay tuned.

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