Sometimes, live-action films aren’t very good, with such disasters like the live-action Attack on Titan films and Blade of the Immortal. But sometimes, they rise above expectations like Rurouni Kenshin. Now, there seems to be a new live-action movie based on Nobuhiro Watsuki’s Rurouni Kenshin manga is in the works.

According to Japanese newspaper, Daily Sports, they are already planning a new sequel for the highly successful film trilogy. However, it seems that there may be trouble for the film’s production, and it involves actress Emi Takei, who plays the female lead, Kaoru Kamiya.

Emi Takei recently married Exile band member Takahiro, and is now pregnant. The newspaper has stated this has been a breach of contract for her and the film, as her role as the female lead cannot be simply written out.

Takei’s agency, Oscar Promotion, apologized to its clients and is currently negotiating penalties for her breach of contract. The article also stated that she also has endorsement agreements with several Japanese companies, with one of them, the one with SSP, being possibly terminated. This in turn would affect her other endorsements as well, and the penalty for her breach of contract is about 1 billion yen.

As for this fourth Rurouni Kenshin film the article also reported on, there’s not much news yet. However, it may enter production limbo with the actress’s breach of contract due to her marriage.

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Source: Daily Sports



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