After Saki received its own live-action adaptation, its the mahjong players of Achiga Girls’ Academy’s turn to take the live-action spotlight. And as the Saki spin-off, Saki Achiga-hen episode of Side-A gets its own live-action adaptation, it was recently announced that much like the main series, it will have both a movie and a TV drama.

And the Achiga-hen spin-off will also be following the format and the timing of the previous live-action adaptation. The live-action drama will premiere on December 2017 and will have four episodes (much like the original), while the live-action movie will premiere in January 2018.

Not much is still known about this new live-action Saki spin-off based on Saki Achiga-hen episode of Side-A though. Expect the magazine, as well as the live-action film’s staff, to reveal more details.

Ritz Kobayashi’s mahjong manga received a 4-episode TV drama in late 2016, and then a live-action film earlier this year. Minami Hamabe previously played the titular Saki Miyanaga. As for the spin-off manga the new live-action adaptation will be based on, it will focus on the mahjong players of Achiga Girls’ Academy, rather than Saki and her Mahjong Club at Kiyosumi High School.

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