Madhouse has played a huge role in the success of the One Punch Man TV anime, and so did director Shingo Natsume. But now, it seems that production-wise, the overpowered anime is heading in a different direction. This is because for season 2, JC Staff will now be handling the animation, with Naruto animation supervisor, Chikara Sakurai, taking over Shingo Natsume’s directorial duties.

No word has officially been revealed to the change in director and studio yet, as these two factors are important in an anime’s production. However, fret not fans as the anime’s characters will still look like themselves from season 1 because Chikashi Kubota will be returning as character designer.

Based on ONE and Yusuke Murata’s bestselling and highly-popular manga, the anime will once again follow the ever-bald Saitama, who despite being an overpowered hero responsible for saving the Earth multiple times, he’s still stuck in C-Rank.

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Source: MoCa News


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