Magical Mirai 2017 has now wrapped up, and our very own Zenko recently went to Makuhari Messe for the event and to also celebrate Hatsune Miku’s 10th birthday. Previously, we showed images of the life-size statues of Miku and her friends. Now, we take a look at the events for the event, which took place last weekend. As expected, a lot of people came from all over the world. It is Miku’s 10th birthday after all.

And as fans were waiting for the event to begin, a few of them showed off their own Hatsune Miku dolls.

And as fans make their way into Makuhari Messe’s main exhibition hall, they get to see the stage where Miku will be performing in. Looks like Zenko arrived a little too early. Congratulatory flowers can also be seen right outside.

And then, the event itself, which featured plenty of Miku exhibitions, merchandise, cosplayers, and more. Good Smile Racing’s new race car was even displayed there too! And yes, they also had a huge 10th birthday cake for Miku in there.

The Makuhari Messe held the event last weekend, from September 1-3, 2017 in Chiba. This year is extra special though, as it celebrates Miku’s 10th anniversary. Crypton Future Media first introduced her back in August 31, 2007, and as the event has proven, she’s still going strong!

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