The forces of Libra returns for a brand new season this October with Blood Blockade Battlefront and Beyond. The anime will be continuing where the first season left off, with Klaus, Leo, and the rest of Libra protecting Salem’s Lot from evil forces. Now, the anime’s official twitter page is teasing the anime further with a brand new PV:


The video also teases the anime’s OP theme song, “fake town baby” by Unison Square Garden. As for the second season, Blood Blockade Battlefront and Beyond will focus more on Michella and Leo’s connection, as well as touch more on Leo’s “All Seeing Eyes of God.”

The anime will premiere this October 7, 2017, with BONES animating the series once again. The cast from the original season will also be making their return to reprise their respective roles. It is based on Yasuhiro Nightow’s hit supernatural action manga series.

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