After releasing HD Remastered versions of Gundam SEED and Gundam SED Destiny, as well as Gundam Zeta and Gundam ZZ, has a very special treat for all you Gundam fans out there, as their official YouTube channel has now started streaming an HD Remaster for Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. As of writing, the first three episodes are now released, and here they are: has been streaming free Gundam episodes for quite some time now. And since this is from an official Gundam source, the videos are all legal. This means that you ain’t breaking any copyright laws if you watch it on YouTube… as long as its from the channel of course.

As for Gundam Wing’s HD Remaster, expect the channel to reveal even more episodes in the days ahead. And while waiting, why not enjoy the other complete episodes and series featured in the channel, right?

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