Vladimir Putin has remained one of the world’s most influential figures. But did you know that this former KGB agent-turned Russian President also has a manga about him in Japan? The manga is titled Manga de Wakaru Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, and it aims to understand the Russia’s leader.

Mangaka Toe Shinme illustrated the manga, with renowned journalist Kenrou Nagoshi supervising. It follows a manga editor who is researching Putin after his boss tasks him on making a manga about the man himself. During his travels, he talks to various authorities and figures to know more about Russia’s most powerful man.

The manga also takes a look at Putin as a martial artist, as he’s a black belt in Judo, a Japanese martial art. It also takes a look at Russia’s current relationship with Japan, especially with the ongoing turmoil surrounding their mutual neighbor, North Korea, which just threatened to reduce Japan into ashes.

The manga is now available in Japan.

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Source: Comic Natalie


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