A-1 Pictures and Netflix’s Fate/Apocrypha has proven to be one of Summer 2017’s biggest and most popular anime. Thankfully, the anime will be continuing with its second cour as we head to the Fall 2017 anime season this October. Now, the anime’s official website is teasing the Great Grail War’s continuation with a brand new PV:

The new PV teases the anime’s new OP theme song, “ASH” by LiSA, as well as its new ED theme song, “KOE” by ASCA. The Fate/Apocrypha website’s update also reveals a brand new key visual featuring Sieg, Ruler, and Shiro.

As for its first cour, it will finally premiere in Netflix outside of Japan this 7th of November. And yes, this means we get more of the lovable and bubbly Paladin of Charlemagne, Astolfo!

But just remember that Astolfo is a guy, OK?

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