Looks like we may be getting even more buff bods, swimming, and of course, abs! During the “3rd KyoAni & Do Thanks Event,” Kyoto Animation premiered the new Free! Take Your Marks! movie. And during that screening, it ended with the message, “See You Next Stage.”

After the movie premiered, character designer Futoshi Nishiya then went on stage for a stage greeting. He was asked about that note teasing a new Free! anime, but he only repeated the line in English.

The movie takes place after the events of the second season, Eternal Summer. It takes place just before Haruka’s graduation, with each episode focusing on one or two of the main characters. The episodes include:

1. “Unmei no Choice!”

2. “Hitou no Cooling Down!”

3. “Yakusoku no Butterfly!”

4. “Tabidachi no Eternal Blue!”

Free! Take your Marks will premiere in Japanese yjeaters on October 28, 2017. The cast from the TV anime and previous movies will also be returning for this sequel, with Kyoto Animation also returning to animate the movie once again.

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