Singapore’s own ARTBLOVK GALLERY is planning something surreal this Halloween. Two young Singaporean artists, Olive and Celia, are taking on the bizarre, disturbing, yet beautiful and sensual Japanese art style called the Eroguro Nansensu movement, or Guro for short. Using this surreal art style, they, together with ARTBLOVK GALLERY, will be presenting the BODIES//ANOMALIES exhibition for Halloween.

Guro is a Japanese art style hailing from the imperialist 1920s-30s and most commonly seen in modern times in horror themed comics by luminaries such as Shintaro Kago, Suehiro Maruo and Takato Yamamoto, this heady mix of eroticism and mutilation of the human body also represents, in a twisted fashion, liberation and empowerment of the female form through its exploration of the base nature of sexuality without the constraints of morality.

Long-time fans of the genre, Olive and Celia, themselves young illustrators graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic’s SIDM course, have relished this opportunity to share their portrayal of this rarely seen style in Singapore for the first time.

A combined gallery consisting of both traditionally painted and digital works will be available for viewing to visitors.

A special sharing session with Olive and Celia will be held on 27 October 2017 at the ARTBLOVK Gallery between 1900-2100 with refreshments.

The exhibition will run from 27 October through to 12 November 2017 at 195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace, #03-05. Entry is free to all visitors. Original artworks are available for purchase.

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