Saber’s Excalibur from the Fate franchise may just be one of the most iconic swords in all of anime. Now, Bandai and Aniplex+ are offering a life-size Replica of that legendary sword as part of the Proplica line.

The sword measures in at 115cm, and has several sound and light effects and gimmicks. This of course includes the whole light up gimmick, where Excalibur shines golden when Saber Artoria unleashes it. Hey, it even has an Invisible Air: Bounded Field of the Wind King mode… sort off.

Aniplex+, which is distributing this Proplica, will release it in June 2018. It costs 28,000 yen for the version which comes with additional voice clips, while the standard edition (with no voice clips) costs 23,000 yen. Their official website is now accepting pre-orders.

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