Ninjas are legendary when it comes to stealth and sneaking around. Coincidentally, if you’re a burglar trying to steal something, you also have to be stealthy. One burglar in particular tried to imitate the way of the ninja as he tried to rob a store. To be specific, that burglar tried to imitate Naruto…

The burglar claims that he was reading Vol. 5 of the Naruto manga, and it’s “teaching him to be a ninja and how to enter secured areas.” He got caught by police though, which means he didn’t learn that much from reading the manga.

Christopher Zahyeer Atkins, 25, from Altamonte Springs, Florida, tried breaking into a Target store. When he was caught, police searched his bag and found  10 books, 10 DVDs, an ONN DVD player, a Samsung tablet, Bluetooth headphones, money and a clock. Apparently, he didn’t steal anything, and may just be really be training to be a ninja…

However, police still arrested him and had him charged with 1st Degree Burglary. Let this be a lesson folks, don’t always try to do what you see in manga and anime.

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Source: AJC News


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