After getting leaked last week, Dengeki Bunko editor Kazuma Miki confirmed that A Certain Magical Index Season 3 is really happening this 2018! According to the editor during the Dengeki Bunko Autumn Festival 2017 event, the new anime will be part of the A Certain Project 2018, and revealed that Index Season 3 won’t be the only anime in that project.

Yes folks, TouMAN is back! And Touma and Index themselves were also present for the announcement, as Atsushi Abe and Yuka Iguchi both confirm that they are reprising their respective roles for the new season.

The new A Certain Project 2018 promises to be a big one, though details still haven’t been revealed about the other anime in the project. They also launched a new twitter page and official website for this new project, and they pretty much confirms that the long wait for Season 3 is finally nearing its end.

The season 3 of A Certain Magical Index has been demanded by fans for a long time now, and it has even become a meme in several anime circles. As for the light novels themselves, the original series has already ended with the World War III arc, and creator Kazuma Kamachi is currently writing the A Certain Magical Index: New Testament line of light novels.

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