One Konami’s greatest games (when they were still actually into gaming) is Contra. The classic 1987 arcade game has become a favorite among retro gamers, as well as those who grew up in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Now, Konami has teamed up with Beijing-based production company, Starlight, to adapt the classic video game into live-action. Specifically, Contra will have both a live-action movie and a TV series.

Production for the movie is already underway, with Starlight producing both the live-action movie and the TV series. While there is still no release date yet, Starlight has revealed plans for a worldwide release.

Here is how China Film Insider describes the movie:

“Chen Qiang and Li Zhiyong investigate but come up empty handed. 29 years later, Chen sends commandos Bill and Lance into a combat mission there to neutralize the villainous Red Falcon Organization, but end up facing a different enemy altogether.”

As the game’s English and original Japanese versions were a bit different from one another, the movie and live-action TV series will be getting elements from both of them.

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