Japan has been synonymous with the cosplay subculture, which is actually quite popular there. But sadly, not everyone in Japan is into dressing up in costumes. However, things change a bit whenever it’s Halloween, because suddenly, almost everyone wants to wear a costume.

Every Halloween, Shibuya throws a huge costume party, as the holiday, which was formerly non-existent in Japan, is growing bigger in popularity every year. Japanese anime news site, Animeanime.jp recently conducted a poll regarding this. They asked about 948 participants, about 20-39 years of age, which costumes they will be wearing for the Shibuya Halloween party.

A majority of the female respondents revealed that they want to be witched for Halloween, while others want to be a Disney character. This is then followed by pumpkins, and then anime characters, and then zombies. According to many of the female respondents, witches are easier to dress up as, and you can make many variations for the costume.

As for the male respondents, a lot of them wanted to dress up as anime characters, which ranked first in the poll for the male respondents. This is then followed by zombies, pumpkins, ghosts/ghouls, and others. As for which anime character men want to cosplay, they chose MARVEL SUPERHEROES and Pokemon characters as their top choices.

Now, what are you guys planning to wear for Halloween?

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