Shogakukan has now released a book celebrating mangaka Gosho Aoyama’s 30th anniversary in the manga industry. It not only features artwork by Aoyama himself, along with tribute artworks from other mangaka, but also a few interesting facts about the man behind Detective Conan.

The book reveals that he has a 5-day work week, and during that time, he works 20 hours a day. During that time, he takes three 15-minute breaks. As for his sleeping time, he usually sleeps from 11:00 am until 2:00 pm, and then he resumes his work. But, it was also revealed that if he’s behind schedule, he will skip that precious sleeping time and work on his manga.

While Aoyama does have two days off, he spends half of it sleeping. And when he’s awake, he spends 8 hours of it working on story boards and only eats twice per day during these days off. He also has four hours worth of breaks, and during this time, he usually plays Kantai Collection, or KanColle.

Aoyama also has six assistants, and they also have very demanding schedules. It was stated that these assistants help him out like bringing him salads to eat at 1:45 am. The book also revealed that these assistants might take a nap if Aoyama himself goes to bed.

One every three weeks, Aoyama also goes on preparatory meeting as he begins a new cycle of alternating the storyboard and drawing days. Typically, he works on his storyboard and drawing for three weeks of the month, and the rest working of it preparing for a new series.

Shogakukan released the book back in October 18, and is now available in bookstores across Japan.

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