Natsu and Lucy have been shipped a whole lot, and so are Gray and Juvia. And with Fairy Tail now ended and the ships getting confirmed, people are now asking what their kids look like. During a panel at the New York Comic Con, Mashima was asked what would Natsu and Lucy’s kid look like? He then asked the fans if they wanted a boy or a girl, to which they overwhelmingly replied: A GIRL! So what did he do? He drew a sketch live during the event!

Of course, he also did one for Natsu’s rival Gray, who also had a kid. His and Juvia’s child looks like the father more to be honest.

And as he returned to Japan, Mashima sketched a new illustration of the two kids together! Is he planning to go the Boruto route in this?

Even if these illustrations were fan requested, Hiro Mashima himself did design and created them himself. And since he is the FT creator, I guess you could consider the kids as canon.

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