Brace yourselves mecha fans, because the much-hyped giant robot battle between USA and Japan is finally happening! After much dealings, the two robotics companies have now agreed on a venue and time for their battle, and it’s happening live!

As Megabots’ official Facebook page has revealed, the fight is officially happening this October 17, 2017 at 7:00pm Pacific Standard Time in the USA. They will first stream it live via Twitch, and then post the battle immediately  after on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It will feature the long-awaited giant robot fightbetween Japan’s Kuratas and USA’s Megabots.

The fight has certainly been two years in the making, and their Facebook page has promised much destruction in the comments section.

Both robot-making companies have also beefed up their mechs over the past few years just for this duel, which started when the guys from Megabots publicly challenged Suidobashi Heavy Industry to a giant robot showdown. Both sides have challenged their inner pro-wrestlers and talked a lot of smack, with Suidobachi saying that “giant robots are Japanese culture” and their Kuratas will “Punch the Mk-III to Scrap”. Meanwhile, Megabots have been performing a ton of exhibitions with their robot to show Suidobashi that they mean business.

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