The Gundam franchise is one of the most successful anime franchises in history. Not only does it include anime, but also video games, merchandise, and of course, plastic model kits known as GUNPLA. It has a global fanbase who are religiously loyal, and are always up to date with the latest anime and Gunpla releases. However, we wouldn’t have this franchise without one man: Yoshiyuki Tomino.

The Gundam creator and director-who-loves-killing-off-lovable-characters is a legend in the anime industry. Recently, good’ol “Kill’em All Tomino” sat down with Oricon for an interview. There, he talked about why he created the original 1979 classic, Mobile Suit Gundam, as well as why he had to sell the franchise’s copyrights to Sunrise.

In his Oricon Interview, Tomino stated that he had originally created Mobile Suit Gundam back in 1979 just to “survive”. He admitted that he had to collaborate with Sunrise staffers in order to make the anime a hit. Well, looking at the Gundam franchise now, I guess they succeeded.

Originally, Tomino had the rights to Gundam, but he later passed it onto Sunrise, the studio behind all the Gundam anime. He said that if he didn’t passed in onto them and stayed with him, it wouldn’t be as big as it is now. He admitted that he has mixed feelings for the decision, but in the end, he said that he gave up the copyright claims to the studio because it was better for the franchise itself. He thought about Gundam’s longevity, and made the decision.

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