Looks like me may be able to put the “Hatsune Miku is not an anime character” argument to a rest, because the virtual diva is appearing in an episode of a children’s anime as a special guest. In particular, she will be appearing as the guest for the children’s anime short, Aware! Meisaku-kun.

Aware! Meisaku-kun is an educational anime short for kids whose episodes are ” inspired by various masterpiece stories that has been aired on NHK Educational TV since April 2016″. Miku will be appearing on its 63rd episode, which airs today, October 20, 2017. She will introduce her own story as a masterpiece.

The anime shorts follow Meisaku Matsuda, who wants to be a respectable masterpiece character someday. The anime’s own YouTube channel will also be streaming the Miku episode online, though it won’t be available in most countries (it’s available here in Southeast Asia though).

Miku herself is quite attached to the anime, as she also sings its theme song, “Meisaku! Kessaku! Masterpiece!,” provided by kz (livetune) and Hachioji-P.

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Source: Crunchyroll


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