Umaru may have returned in an anime, but her original manga version will be saying goodbye soon. According to the 47th issue of Weekly Young Jump magazine, Sankaku Head’s ever-popular Himouto! Umari-chan manga will be ending in the magazine’s 50th issue. This means that the manga will be ending in just three more chapters.

However, the magazine also said that the 50th issue will also contain a follow-up report. What this follow-up report is still remains a mystery though, so it looks like we still have to wait a few more weeks.

So, with Himouto! Umaru-chan already ending, what’s your favorite moment from the manga? Who is your favorite character? One thing is for sure though, and that’s a lot of fans will be saddened to see their favorite himouto (and her friends) go! But then again, the manga does have a few spin-offs…

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Source: ANN


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