After all the hype, all the development and upgrades, the trash talking between both sides, USA’s Megabots and Japan’s Kuratas finally meet in a couple of duels to determine who has the better robot! There are actually two fights, the first is between Megabots’ old robot, Iron Glory, and Kuratas, with the second fight features Megabots’ new robot, Eagle Prime, against Kuratas. Megabots’ own twitch channel streamed the fight live, and the results are in!

In the first duel, Kuratas beats the old Iron Glory with just one charged up punch. And after some regrouping, it’s Eagle Prime’s turn to show what it could do. The battle is slow-paced and the two fighters had to be separated. And after a reset, Eagle Prime replaced one of its arms with a chainsaw, while Kuratas showed its rapid-fire capabilities. In the end, Eagle Prime cut off one of Kuratas’s arms ending the duel.

Creator Kogoro Kurata piloted the Kuratas himself, while Megabots co-founders Matt Oehrlein and Gui Cavalcanti each piloted their own mechs, the Iron Glory and the Eagle Prime. Kuratas equipped itself with rapid fire paint guns, a heavy punching arm, and drones for distracting. Meanwhile, the Iron Glory only had paint canons. As for Eagle Prime, it started out with a robot grabbing arm and a giant canon, but later swapped it out with a chainsaw.

In the end, the score was 1-1, with Kuratas winning the first fight, while Megabots won the second fight. Fans watching the fight live complained that the fight was “scripted” because of the ending, which led to the robots toppling over equipment near the commentators’ area. In the end, several fans said they were disappointed, but others also said that it was to be expected as current robotics technology isn’t as par as what we see in anime yet. Let’s just say we’re still a long way from Gundam folks! But since the fight finally happened, we can say we’re well on our way. Hopefully, both companies improve their robotics tech as a result of this duel.

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