Remember when Konami fired Hideo Kojima and it sparked a fire storm in the gaming world? Well, the same is happening to Konami after they fired Kemono Friends director, Tatsuki. Konami has been bombarded with plenty of negative comments from fans not just from Japan, but also abroad. Hey, #NOTATSUKINOTANOSHI even trended and fans even started an online petition via!

The backlash is so strong that one fan even took a more personal protest by shaving off the hair on his head. The fan posted a video via YouTube to air his grievances. In that video, he addressed his grievances to the heads of companies involved with Kemono Friends. He even named some big-name people in the business, including Kadokawa Group Holdings president Masaki Matsubara, Yaoyorozu president Sadahiro Terai, Family Mart president Isamu Nakayama, and Bushiroad president Takaaki Kidani.

Shaving one’s head is often a sign of penance in Japan, and the man hopes his pleas reach the people in charge of the anime to reinstate Tatsuki.

Kadokawa, via the official website for the Kemono Friends anime, previously released an official statement regarding Tatsuki’s removal from the project. They revealed that there was miscommunication between parties involved and that was why he was removed. Kadokawa Dwango’s president, even chimed in and said he was very concerned about the situation, though admitted he doesn’t know what is entirely happening himself.

Because Kemono Friends is 2017’s anime darling, the magical place known as the internet didn’t let this pass by. Fans outside of Japan quickly jumped to social media and internet forums such as Reddit and 4chan isn’t “Tanoshi” at all, in reference to one of the characters’ catchphrases. Fans even started an online petition via addressed to Kadokawa and asked them to bring Tatsuki back at the helm of the Kemono Friends anime project. The online petition has 30,280 supporters as of writing.

Needless to say, Kadokawa is receiving plenty of backlash for the director’s apparent firing. And the fact that his firing also trended #1 on twitter worldwide and overshadowing the big A Certain Magical Index Season 3 leak doesn’t quite help at all.

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