Kyoto Animation has taken plenty of school life themes, from brass bands in Sound! Euphonium to swimming in Free!. Now, they are taking on an “archery youth story” with their latest TV anime project, Tsurune. NHK unveiled the new KyoAni anime via their official website.

Based on Kotoko Ayano’s archery novel, the anime will follow Minato Narumiya, a Japanese Archer who has been competing in middle school. However, an incident made him run away from the sport. But now, as he enters high school, he returns to the sport with his school’s archery club and even aims to win the prefectural tournament.

The novel won the Special Judge Award for the novel category for the he 7th Kyoto Animation Awards back in 2016. NHK also confirmed that Tsurune will be making its premiere in 2018. Knowing Kyoto Animation, expect plenty of excellent animation for this new TV series.

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