So far, the Gundam the Origin series have shown Char Aznable’s rise from prince to elite pilot. Now, As the Loum Arc concludes, we finally get to see why they call him the Red Comet in Mobile Suit Gundam The Origin: Rise of the Red Comet. has now started streaming the latest trailer for the upcoming movie, and it has two versions. The first version features Japanese dub with English subtitles, while the second one features English dub.

The anime movie will be released in Japanese theaters this May 5, 2018. The arc explores the events of the Battle of Loum, which is the first major mobile suit engagement in the Universal Century.

The battle is also where Zeon aces like Char and the Black Tri Stars earned their reputation. The arc also takes a look at the events which led to “Project V”, which is the Earth Federation’s mobile suit development program, which of course produced the original RX-78-2 Gundam.

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