Sony Interactive Entertainment Hong Kong Limited Singapore Branch (SIES) has a huge treat for all you gamers out there in Southeast Asia! This is because they will be releasing a special localised version of the No Heroes Allowed! VR PlayStation VR game for the region. It will have both a Blu-ray Disc copy, as well as a Digital Download version as it will be released for the region on 14 October 2017.

The suggested retail price of Blu-ray Disc version will be SGD 42.90 and SGD 39.90 for Download version. It also has an Initial Premium Bonus, as well as an Early Purchase Bonus:

  • Initial Premium Bonus (Blu-ray disc version) : “Badman and Badmella of Nether world avatar” set
  *These will end as soon as stocks run out.
  • Early Purchase Bonus (Download version) : “Monster avatar” set
  *Early Purchase Period: 14th to 29th October

So, what is No Heroes Allowed! VR? is an innovative realtime strategy game for the PlayStation VR. It lets players become the “God of Destruction” as they breed monsters to invade human territories, seen in a diorama-like view through the eyes of the God of Destruction. Together with Badman and Badmella, work towards total world domination. Begin your quest by raising monsters and using them to invade human territories, vanquish the defending heroes and bring the human bases under your control. As a God, the player must maintain an ecosystem through a food chain of breeding weaker monsters to feed invading monsters. The player can interfere with this chain of life and death to raise monsters however they like in their attempts to conquer the world.

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