Japanese Singer and Songwriter, Suga Shikao, has written plenty of hits, including SMAP’s “Yozora no Mukou”, KAT-TUN’s “Real face” and Arashi’s “Aozora Pedal”. Now, he will be holding his first ever Asia Circuit in December. This will also mark his first time performing in Singapore. Fans can catch the singer on 8 December 2017.

Suga Shikao is a Japanese singer and songwriter and is known for many Japanese pop hits. A talent songwriter, he has written songs for many artistes and Japanese animations. The songs he wrote became chart-toppers and sold over 1 million copies each.

Avid anime fans will also recognise a close relation between comic artists, CLAMP and Suga Shikao. Suga Shikao worked on a variety of theme songs for CLAMP’s anime series, XXXHOLiC. Famed author, Haruki Murakami has also cited Suga Shikao’s song, “Bakudan Juice” in the novel, “After Dark”.

n 2017, Suga Shikao celebrated his 20th Anniversary with two events: “SUGA SHIKAO 20th ANNIVERSARY “SUGAFES! ~ a miracle festival once every 20 years~” in Saitama Super Arena in May and also “SUGAFES! WEST ~ Suga Shikao vs kōkua, a battle you cannot lose, in Osaka ~” in Osaka-jo hall in September. Both concerts concluded with great success.

The ‘20th Anniversary Special “Suga Shikao Asia Circuit 2017”’ will be held throughout December, in three countries, Singapore, Taiwan, and Japan. This will be Suga Shikao’s first time conducting an Asia Tour.

About 20th Anniversary Special Suga Shikao Asia Circuit 2017
8th December 2017 (Friday) Singapore [email protected] Singapore
17th December 2017 (Sunday) Taiwan Legacy Taipei
26th December 2017 (Tuesday) Japan EX THEATER ROPPONGI

20th Anniversary Special Suga Shikao Asia Circuit 2017 in Singapore ticket details 

VIP: $138
GA: $98
Ticketing starts 27 Oct 2017, 10am
Ticketing URL: http://www.apactix.com/events/detail/suga-shikao-2017
Official site: http://japanmusicfestival.asia/2017sugashikao

※ Entering sequence to the hall will be based on the serial number allocated on the ticket.

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