Good news Team Rem and Team Emilia members, because Re:Zero VR is getting its own PC and PlayStation VR ports! Developer Gugenka revealed that their popular virtual reality smartphone app is getting versions for both PC and PSVR. Both the Rem version and the Emilia version of the Re:Zero VR are the ones getting ported.

The original smartphone VR app allows users to sleep alongside their favorite Re:Zero heroine (either Rem or Emilia), as well as sit in their lap. It also allows that heroine to “feed” the user in virtual reality. Here are a few screenshots:

The PlayStation Store will be releasing the PSVR version in Japan this winter for 2,160 yen. Meanwhile, the PC version will be released via Steam, as well as The PC version is compatible with both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets.

Gugenka released the smartphone apps for iOS and Android earlier this year. The Rem version got its release in May, with the Emilia version following in June.



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