When it comes to horror manga, no other name stands out as much as the great Junji Ito. Several of his works will be getting adapted into a TV anime in January, titled the Junji Ito Collection. However, to keep the fans thinking, the staff purposely didn’t reveal which Junji Ito manga will be included in the anime.

Today is Halloween, and what better topic to talk about than which Junji Ito manga should be included in the anime?! We’ve selected 5 manga from the horror master himself which we think should be animated. But be warned, our picks aren’t for the faint of heart, so if you don’t like gore or body mutilations, don’t go any further. And without further ado, here are our picks:


Sometimes, you just can’t forget your first Junji Ito manga, and for me, it’s Uzumaki. I picked this grotesque series to read first just for the name, Uzumaki, which reminded me of Naruto. However, aside from the spiral theme, this story is far from loud ninjas with fox demons inside them. I found the manga deeply disturbing, and a must read for Halloween. And it would really be interesting to see this adapted into an anime, especially as a part of the Junji ito Collection TV anime.


I must admit that Tomie wasn’t really as scary as I thought it would be. HOWEVER, what I found interesting about the manga was its shock value and gore. As a character, the titular Tomie herself is quite enigmatic, and it makes me very curious how an anime would be adapting her, and who would voice her.

The series itself received live-action adaptations in 1999 and 2011, and is also considered one of Ito’s most iconic manga.


I’ve never really been scared of fish, even sharks. However, that changed when I read Gyo. While I know the series has already received an OVA back in 2012, walking Great White Shark and all, we think it deserves another new adaptation as part of this new anime.

Hanging Balloons

Aside from Stephen King’s IT, Junji Ito made me scared of balloons. And yes, this manga itself proves that the mangaka can be placed in the same category as THE Stephen King himself. Nuf said.

Secret of the Haunted Mansion (part of Yami no Koe)

That cannibalistic boy gave me nightmares. The manga itself is very disturbing, and would really be a good fit for the anime.

And that’s our list. Which other Junji Ito manga do you guys think deserve to be included in the Junji Ito Collection? Who’s excited for January when it finally premieres? We surely are! Oh, and before we forget, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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A huge thanks to my friend, Mitsu for the help


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