Fall 2017 is finally here, and it certainly looks like many of the season’s new anime are definitely showing that they are enjoyable. We definitely have our own picks for anime we are enjoying so far this season. Now, we will admit that it’s still too early to tell for most series if it will be good overall, so we’re listing new anime that we’re enjoying SO FAR.

For this list, we’ve excluded anime from previous seasons, as well as sequels, so no Fate/Apocrypha and no Shokugeki no Soma. Here are our seven picks:

Black Clover

To be honest, Black Clover’s plot really sounds like a rehashed plot of Naruto with the hyperactive yet well-known failure main character rising up to the challenge to earn a position of power (Hokage/Wizard King), but it also seems that there’s a mysterious power residing within him. Yeah, we’ve definitely seen that before, but this list is about anime we’re enjoying so far, and so far, we’ve enjoyed Black Clover. And if people are saying it’s the next Naruto, it’s definitely something worth checking out.

Juuni Taisen

From renowned author NisiOisin (Monogatari series), this anime about 12 Chinese Zodiac-themed killers in a free-for-all fight against one another is as intense as it gets. The series is still at Episode 3, and it has already kept us at the edges of our seats. Simply put, it’s out favorite anime of this season SO FAR.


We’ve only seen Episode 1 of this anime, but that was enough to make in into our list. The story itself is intriguing, with an old man serving as its unique main character, who most of the older audiences can surely identify with. The anime is promising, and if the action from episode 1 is any indication, it’s bound to get a lot more explosive.

King’s Game the Animation

The anime has plenty of plot twists and turns, and so far, we’re still guessing what happens next. It’s the mystery of who is the king that has us wondering, and it looks like it will keep us guessing who will die next.

Children of the Whales

This animation collaboration between JC Staff and Netflix is certainly interesting. Simply put, it’s kinda like Water World, but on a great sea of sand. The anime’s characters also seem very interesting, and the animation is just beautiful, and that is why we just had to place it on our list of most interesting Fall 2017 anime so far.

Blend S

OK, I, spartanchef, must admit one thing, and that I dismissed Blend S as yet another moe blob that focuses on cute girls doing cute things and is therefore boring and repetitive like most moe blobs. I was wrong… I was so wrong! I dunno, I really enjoyed the first two episodes, and being proven wrong about my initial thoughts before watching an anime means that there are a lot of hidden gems out there waiting to be discovered. The anime is kinda like Working!, but this time, the waitresses have to adopt a certain “character”. Add a perverted manager and a yuri fanboy and we’ve got an interesting anime to watch right here.

Infini-T Force

Gatchaman, Casshan, Hurrican Polymar, Tekkaman… CHILDHOOD. This anime version of Tatsunoko’s Avengers has been action-packed, and the 3D animation ain’t bad either!

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