Sometimes, there are anime OP sequences that we find boring and we would usually just skip them. Bot sometimes, even if an anime itself is boring but its OP is good, we would watch it because of the opening alone.

For this list, we take a look at eight anime OP sequences from the Fall 2017 season, which is now in full gear. These are our favorite OPs this season, however, we did not rank them. Without further ado, here are our picks:

Sono Mirai e by Ririko (Children of Whales)

ASH by LiSA (Fate/Apocrypha)

To be continued… by flumpool (Infini-T Force)

My Hero by Man with a Mission (Inuyashiki)

Fake Town Baby by Unison Square Garden (Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond)

Rapture by Panorama Panama Town (Juuni Taisen)

Here by Junna (The Ancient Magus’s Bride)

EMG by Jam Project (Garo: Vanishing Line)

So, what do you guys think of our picks? What’s your favorite anime OP of the season?

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