The Gundam franchise is made up of multiple timelines and alternate universes. Because there are multiple timelines and realities, we never really get to see many of the franchise’s ace pilots and their signature mobile suits duke it out with others not from their own timeline or universe. For example, we usually don’t get to see ace pilots from the Universal Century (UC) get to fight with pilots from the After Colony (AC) universe, and so on.

In the Gundam Versus PS4 game by Bandai Namco, which is now out available here in Southeast Asia, we get to see these pilots actually duke it out with one another. This is because game actually lets us play many different dream matches within the Gundam franchise. They’ve also featured a dream match up between Char Aznable and Ribbons Almark in Gundam Battlogue’s first episode! But what if they actually met not in a game or in a simulation, but in an actual fight?! We’ve compiled a list of dream match-ups that are really interesting, and without further ado, here they are:

Char Aznable with the Gelgoog vs Zechs Marquis with the Tallgeese (Space battle)

In every Gundam anime, there always seems to be a Char clone. Perhaps one of the most famous of these clones is Zechs Marquis, who also has a similar background from Char himself… bonus points for always wearing red too! His signature suit is the Tallgeese, which has given much trouble for Heero and the crew. Sure, he moved on to pilot the Gundam Epyon, but the Tallgeese is more associated to when he was still wearing that mask of his… much like Char. As for Char himself, he has plenty of mobile suits to choose from, however, we went with the Gelgoog. In terms of performance, it has been said that the Gelgoog equals the RX-78-2, and trumps that of the Zaku II and Z’Gok. And we feel that the Gelgoog could keep up with the Tallgeese and would ultimately make the battle a lot more interesting.

Uso Ewin with the Victory 2 Gundam vs Shin Asuka with the Destiny Gundam (space battle)

What happens when one of the most powerful mobile suits from UC takes on one of the most powerful suits from CE? A slobber knocker, that’s what! Both are described to be the most technologically advanced suits of their respective timelines, and both also have one thing in common: Wings of Light. As for their pilots, both are determined and have excellent reflexes, so this one would be a hard call to see who wins.

Mikazuki Augus with the Gundam Barbatos Lupus Rex vs Domon Kasshu with the God Gundam
(ground battle)

This is a battle between two pilots who love going up close and personal. Both also have pilots who are absolutely monsters when it comes to fighting prowess as well! However, while Mikazuki might seem a bit cold and would just blindly follow Orga’s orders, his opponent, Domon, is his exact opposite. He’s quite hot-blooded and is always itching for a fight! Seeing these two go toe-to-toe would surely be something else!

Judau Ashta with the Gundam ZZ Full Armor vs Garrod Ran with the Gundam Double X (space battle)

From mobile suits which excel at close combat, we not move on to two suits which have tremendous firepower. The ZZ’s High Mega Cannon has proven to be devastating, however, how will it do against the dreaded Double Satellite Cannon from the Gundam Double X? And to make things even more interesting, the ZZ’s pilot, Judau Ashta, is one of the Universal Century’s most powerful Newtypes. However, Garrod Ran always has Tiffa Adil by his side, and she’s no slouch when it comes to Newtype powers as well! Whoever wins this showdown, do expect a lot of collateral damage as these suits are certified weapons of mass destruction.

Loran Cehack with the Turn A Gundam vs Bellri Zenam and the G-Self Perfect Pack

Say what you want about Turn A’s design or how G-Reco sucked, but the fact remains that these are two of the most overpowered mobile suits in the entire Gundam franchise. Nuf said.

Full Frontal and the Sinanju vs Graham Aker and the Brave Commander-type (Air Battle)

Yes, we’re not done with the Char clones yet! In fact, we wanna see two of them face off! Full Frontal’s Sinanju is fast, and its pilot has proven to be quite skilled. But what happens if he faces of against the Union’s greatest pilot? Much like Char, Graham Acker has piloted plenty of different mobile suits, but we chose to go with the Brave Commander-type, his final mobile suit from the Awakening of the Trailblazer movie. Why? Because we wanna see both of them fight at their best while still keeping the fight as balanced as possible. And yes, this means no Neo Zeong for Full Frontal.

Asemu Asuno and the Gundam Age-2 Darkhound vs Tobia Arronax and the Crossbone Gundam X-1 Full Cloth (Space Battle)

This battle between two pirates would be quite interesting, don’t you guys think so? Their pilots share plenty of similarities like fighting against planetary enemies invading Earth and are extremely skilled… and they’re both pirates! This one is a no-brainer!

Amuro Ray and the Nu Gundam vs Kira Yamato and the Strike Freedom Gundam (Space Battle)

Who is better, Amuro or Kira? This debate has gone on for well over a decade now, and it shows no signs of stopping. But whether you’re a UC purist who thinks SEED “sucks” or a SEED fan who thinks the Universal Century is “overrated”, you have to admit that this fight would be a classic. Sure, we’ve seen this fight countless times in games… heck, I’ve played this match-up more than 10x in Gundam Versus already, but it really strikes us who would really win between the two of them…

So, what do you think of our picks? Who do you guys think would win in our match-ups? What other Gundam fights do you guys want to see?

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