After 13 light novel volumes and two hit TV anime seasons, Fumiaki Maruto and Kurehito Misaki’s hot romance light novel series, Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend, finally ends. But before you guys read any further, we are gonna post the obligatory SPOILER WARNING. Here’s the final volume’s cover:

With multiple girls vying for his heart, including the lovable tsundere childhood friend/doujin mangaka and the sultry senpai/hit novel author, who won Tomoya Aki’s heart? That question has been burning through fans’ minds since season 1 of the anime, and the one who got together with him is…

You guys probably saw it coming (because I sure did), but the one who won Tomoya’s heart is none other than the titular “Boring Girlfriend” herself, Megumi Kato. Sorry Utaha and Eriri fans…

From the title itself, it seems that she was bound to win the Tomoya Bowl. With several high-profile and lovable girls to contend with, the normal and “boring” Megumi might not stand out, even if she is the main girl. However, she has proven that even if she’s quite “normal”, she can win against the other girls who are cuter and flashier.

Here are a few more illustrations from the LN’s final volume:

Congratulations Megumi!!!!!

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