The Summer 2017 season has now ended, and many titles certainly left a mark on fans, including us here over at SGCafe. Hey, we even have our own list of the anime we truly enjoyed last season here. also have their own list, and they had their readers participate in the poll to determine which Summer 2017 anime fans enjoyed.

A total of 709 people responded to the poll and voted for their favorites. Here are the Top 10:

11/10 (tie): Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu and Welcome to the Ballroom

9/8 (tie): Knights & Magic and Restaurant to Another World

7: Princess Principal

6: Fate/Apocrypha

5: Classroom of the Elite

4: Kakegurui


2: New Game!!

1: Aho Girl

Looks like Yoshiko just charmed her way to the Japanese fans’ hearts as Aho Girl takes the #1 spot in’s final season poll for Summer 2017. The anime is genuinely funny and many just couldn’t stop laughing with Yoshiko’s antics. Meanwhile, New Game!! proved it’s still very popular, while GAMERS!’s awesome mess of a relationship story kept fans wanting more.

So, which anime did you enjoy the most last season?

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