Most of the time, anime and manga show police officers as bumbling fools who screw up cases. However, many have also shown that they really are quite competent are are actually badasses in their own right.

For this week’s Charapedia poll, the online survey website asked 10,000 Japanese readers (37.1% male, 62.9% female) about which police officer is the “most excellent” in anime, as well as manga. It seems that they only listed people actually employed by the police/government in this one, so private investigators and junior detectives don’t seem to count. Of the 33 characters in the poll, Charapedia only revealed the Top 20, and here are the results:

20 – Ninzaburo Shiratori (Detective Conan)

19 – Ukyo Sugishita (Aibou)

18 – Saeko Nogami (City Hunter)

17 – Jinpei Matsuda (Detective Conan)

16 – Naomasa Tsukauchi (My Hero Academia)

15 – Motoko Kusanagi (Ghost in the Shell)

14 – Kuniharu Ogino (Cuticle Detective Inaba)

13 – Eishi Sasazuka (Neuro: Supernatural Detective)

12 – Souichiro Yagami (Death Note)

11 – Kansuke Yamato (Detective Conan)

10 – Wataru Takagi (Detective Conan)

9 – Akane Tsunemori (PSYCHO-PASS)

8 – Shuichi Akai (Detective Conan)

7 – Kankichi Ryotsu (KochiKame)

6 – Juzo Megure (Detective Conan)

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