Indonesia has strict copyright laws, so when an anime fan was caught recording No Game, NO LIFE: ZERO, the country had to take in serious measures. This resulted in CGV Cinemas announcing the postponement of several anime movies via Facebook.

What if we no longer release anime films in Indonesia?
What if the anime movie we’ve announced canceled its airing?
We are very disappointed over what happened a few days ago. This condition has occurred in other countries, and it is unfortunate that it has also happened in Indonesia. Some time ago we found the fansrecording the  NO GAME NO LIFE: ZERO movie via social media.
On the condition we have officially postponed the anime movie FATE / KALEID LINER PRISMA ILLYA’s Indonesian screenings, and other anime movies we have announced. We request the cooperation of anime fans in Indonesia to remain conducive and still support us.
Remind each other the laws. Any form of shooting or video recording is against the law.

Odex Private Ltd., which distributes anime movies around Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, has also released a statement:

ODEX and CGV cinema take this incident very seriously and we are are putting all anime movies scheduled for Indonesia cinema release on hold while we discuss the issue internally for the next course of action.

The movies affected by this announcement in Indonesia are:

• Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya
• Fate/Stay Night Heaven’s Feel
• Nanoha Reflections
• Eureka Seven Hi Evolution

So remember folks, don’t record movies when you’re inside the cinemas. Who knows? Maybe the next time this happens, it won’t be in Indonesia, but in Malaysia, Singapore, or the Philippines.

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